Group Coaching - 4 weeks

Group Coaching - 4 weeks

$ 120.00

This is a 4 week, at-home workout program designed to be done with a group of peer or friends. This program is ideal for beginners who have been training consistently for less than 1 year.

The group coaching program will begin Monday October 19th and will end Sunday November 16th.


What's included:

- 4 workouts per week. Workouts change every two weeks.

- Photo demonstrations of each exercise.

- Warm up and stretching routine.

- A custom cardio protocol based on your goals.

- Customized macros.

- Weekly check ins via email.

- Weekly zoom workouts.

- Private Facebook group.

- WhatsApp access to your trainer (me).


Once you purchase the program, a questionnaire will be emailed to you. Please fill it out at your earliest convenience and send it back to me. If you did not receive a questionnaire, please let me know and I'll send it your way.


All programs will be sent 1-3 days before the program begins.