CRUSH60 Complete Package

CRUSH60 Complete Package

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What's Included?

  • 60 Day, 3 Phase, Interactive Crush60 Workout Guide
  • Videos of every exercise embedded
  • Hand drawn illustrations of every exercise
  • Tips for success on each workout page
  • Progress Tracking Worksheet
  • 60 Day, 3 Phase, Interactive Crush60 Nutrition Guide
  • Automatic macro calculator - NO MATH REQUIRED!
  • Self adjusting macro calculations for each phase
  • Supplement Guide
  • 'Crush Approved' fast track food list
  • Lifetime Facebook Support Group Membership
  • 24/7 Email Support


Body Type Selection
Please select the body-type that BEST fits you. Although these are generalizations, everybody falls under one. Each program is designed specifically for each body type. Please select carefully as you are only allowed one body-type per purchase.

Body Type A

You consider yourself to be 'thin'. The muscle mass that you have is lean muscle mass and you have smaller joints. Your chest is flat and your shoulders are relatively small. You find it really hard to gain weight and consider yourself to have an extremely fast metabolism.

Body Type B

You have an average bone structure and you have always found yourself to be naturally strong.  You gain and lose weight somewhat easily, but can put on fat quicker than you can lose it. You have a naturally ‘athletic' appearing physique. You have wider shoulders and a smaller waist. If you ate everything in sight, you would get fat.

Body Type C

You have a softer body type and you gain fat very easily. You have large joints. You have a "stocky' build. You gain mass very easily but have an extremely slow metabolism. You find it very hard to lose fat, and lack muscle definition.

**If you can't decide between A or B, please choose B
**If you can't decide between B or C, please choose C


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