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How I Train Legs

Leg day!   The way I train legs differs with my goals at the moment. When I train for strongman competitions, I train for strength so my leg workouts focus on low rep and high weight, and I also do a lot of sprints and work with pulling or pushing heavy weight like the prowler and sled. With strongman training, sometimes the workouts will differ depending on what the event includes in terms of legs. Sometimes the only leg intensive event at the competition is the car deadlift, so I focus on a lot of deadlifts, hack squats and trap-bar deadlifts if that’s the case. In the last competition I did, the leg-intensive event was a yolk squat, so my...

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Benefits of Strength Training

Whether you are a male or a female or gender non-conforming, whether you are young or old, whether you are an athlete or a self-proclaimed couch potato, whether your goal is to become stronger, faster, or leaner, strength training is something you should do. Benefits of strength training: Your bones. We live in a culture where osteoporosis is extremely prevalent, especially in women. Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bone steadily degrades, leaving bones to be thin, weak, and prone to fractures. Strength training increases bone mineral density, meaning it strengthens the bones, and makes them less prone to fractures. You’ll burn more fat with strength training than you will doing cardio. Strength training burns less calories while performing...

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