Foam Rolling


Myofascial release, or better known as foam rolling, is something EVERYONE should be doing. Here are some of the benefits:
  • Increases blood flow to the target area, which decreases recovery time between your workouts (in the vernacular, it can significantly help alleviate muscle soreness)
  • Loosens up the muscles in the target area and can help alleviate muscular and skeletal pain
  • Can assist in adjusting your back
  • Increases your range of motion
When should you do it?
  • You should foam roll both before and after your workouts, for it can be used to stretch, increase blood flow, warm you up and cool you down.
  • Foam rolling in the morning can be beneficial to waking you up and increasing alertness throughout the day, it also helps with muscle stiffness.
How should you foam roll?
  • If you google “foam rolling”, you can see with what exact you foam roll with. It’s a cylindrical shape, but the degrees of stiffness vary dependent on which kind of foam roller you go with. There are very stiff rollers made from PVC pipes, and they can really get to the tough spots, but they can be painful, especially for beginners or boney individuals. There are also very soft rollers for those who are very stiff or are a bit older. Personally, I like a stiff-ness that is somewhere in the middle.
Where should I foam roll?
  • Upper back: Lift your hands above your head and slowly roll your body up and down, it’s essentially giving yourself a massage! Move your hands down toward your sides and continue the rolling.
  • Glutes: If you’re having lower back stiffness, it’s probably stemming from tight hips/glutes, and rolling out your glutes will help loosen it up.
  • Hamstrings: You can do single leg rolling or you can do both legs at the same time, or you could do both and really get into your hamstrings
  • Your IT band: This is pretty painful, so be careful. Lay on your side with one leg on the roller and the other propped on the ground to give you leverage for the rolling
  • Quads: This can also be painful if you have tight quads, again you want to use one leg as leverage and the other as the roller.