How I Train Legs


Leg day!


The way I train legs differs with my goals at the moment.

When I train for strongman competitions, I train for strength so my leg workouts focus on low rep and high weight, and I also do a lot of sprints and work with pulling or pushing heavy weight like the prowler and sled. With strongman training, sometimes the workouts will differ depending on what the event includes in terms of legs. Sometimes the only leg intensive event at the competition is the car deadlift, so I focus on a lot of deadlifts, hack squats and trap-bar deadlifts if that’s the case. In the last competition I did, the leg-intensive event was a yolk squat, so my workouts really focused on doing high box squats and practicing squats with the yolk.

When I train for bodybuilding or just for fun, I focus my workouts around hypertrophy training, which is usually a lower weight, but much higher reps! When doing this type of training, it’s very important to develop a muscle-mind connection, which is essentially solely focusing on that particular muscle throughout its entire movement. It’s also important to be slow and controlled in the movement, because muscle is built with time under tension, and rushing through an exercise isn’t going to yield as great of a result as keeping the exercise slow and controlled.

An example of my strongman leg workout:

  • Front squats 5-3-1 @ 55/65/75% of my 1 RM
  • Back squats 3x8 @ 75% of my 1 RM
  • Heavy weighted walking lunges 3x10 each leg
  • Glute-ham raises supersetted with ab roll outs 3x15
  • Prowler push 4x100 ft in under 12 seconds
    An example of my bodybuilding leg workout:
    • Front squats 3x8
    • Back squats 20-15-12-10-8-6
    • Weighted walking lunges supersetted with hamstring curls 4x15
    • Leg press with legs a bit wider than shoulder width apart 5x15
    • Hip abduction supersetted with hip adduction 3x20
    • Leg extensions 4x20 with 3 second pause at the top

      When training for legs, there are so many ways to work each muscle group, so sometimes I split up my leg workout to focus on hamstrings and quads one day, and have a glute intensive day later in the week. Having 2 leg days a week isn’t necessary to grow legs, but my glutes are one of my weaker body parts because I’m very quad dominant and I like to have one day where I solely focus on them. This concept can be applied to training any body part, and having one day to really focus on your weakness!